Verdict: Aadai showcases the distress and survival of a woman in a weird situation.

Aadai is a thriller directed by Rathnakumar and produced by Viji Subramaniyan under the banner SK Studios. The film stars Amala Paul in the lead, supported by Sriranjini, Ramya Subramanian and Vivek Prasanna among many others. Aadai narrates the story of a naked woman stuck in an empty building and her attempts to survive the situation.

What’s Aadai About:

Aadai revolves around Kamini (Amala Paul), a free-spirited, bold and independent woman. She works for a television channel and hosts a prank show. Kamini is quite daring and is often seen taking up challenges that others think she wouldn’t dare. She is labeled a sadist by her friends. On her birthday, Kamini and her friends decide to celebrate at their vacant office building. The next day, she wakes up alone in one of the rooms in the building, naked. She quite does not understand what has happened, nor can she find a single scrap of paper to cover herself. How and why Kamini ends up in this situation forms the crux of the movie.

What Works:

Amala Paul proves her mettle through Aadai. She manages to carry the weight of the movie on her shoulders without failing once. She deserves applause for taking such a bold step and delivering an amazing performance. Vijay Karthik Kannan’s visuals are stunning and he keeps is graceful, without getting vulgar at any point. Pradeep Kumar’s music is decent with some amazingly composed songs. Oorka Band also delivers some good music. The background score syncs well with the tone of the movie and makes it even more thrilling. Director Rathnakumar has handled bold content and has delivered a good message at the end. It’s interesting that the film has many dialogues designed subtly around current affairs. The narration of the story of “Nangeli” through animation in the beginning and ending the movie with another Nangeli reference was outstanding as well.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though the content is bold and the plot interesting, the script seems weak. The second half is the most thrilling part but it falls off towards the end. There are a few logical loopholes that could have been avoided.

Why You Should Watch:

Aadai deals with an interesting subject in the most beautiful way. It keeps you at the edge of your seats many a time. Though the movie is certified “A”, it is quite watchable with hardly any vulgar scenes or dialogues. It gives a different perspective of our society, of the things that we do for ‘fun’ and is a must-watch.

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