Seldom do comedy films have a solid story. Even if they do, the inability to stretch that into a feature film is somehow missed. But director Badri’s Aadama Jaichomada, gives us a cracker of a comedy-entertainer, that draws you into its madness and leaves you in splits, till the end credits roll in. 

Riding on a solid story, the filmmaker skillfully intertwines two different plots, making this film brim with confidence. With some worthy gags, and lot of funny sequences, it engages you. The scene where inspector Boominathan performs the stunts and chases the criminals, might make you wonder if this is one of those films that advocates the formula of using physics-defying action stunts. But it is here that the film surprises you. *Spoilers ahead* this scene actually turns out to spoof several action scenes which we have seen In Indian films.
Another fantastic element is the inclusion of ‘Sooravali’, the ridiculously funny track that blends perfectly with the storyline. As the story progresses, you find that the film possesses a weak link that is, the absence of a clear explanation why Dayalan is such a generous person. Why couldn’t they have done a DNA finger-print test on the knife, instead of inconveniently framing Panner? Also, a back-story about the bookies could’ve helped. The inclusion of songs, also turns out to be a mood-spoiler. Despite this, the film quickly pulls us in with its one-liners. The credit for which belongs to writer, Shiva. The actor-RJ-writer has cleverly-filled the film with its situation comedy, that springs up at the right moment. A special mention to the quirky-twist in the ‘Naatamai – 2’ scene narration, that is both original and funny.
Karunakaran, is excellent as Paneer, he convinces us thoroughly. Bobby Simha is such a delight to watch. In his role as the pretentious cop, he will gain your sympathy but you won’t stop laughing at his foolish antics. Naren truly surprises you in his unusual role. R.S.Ravikumar, Chetan and Balaji are perfectly cast in their roles. For a short runtime of just two hours, the film manages to win you over, and undoubtedly one of the most-entertaining films that’ve released this year.
Why you should watch this film?
With some situational comedy and an interesting storyline, the film will surely entertain you. Watch it for the funny dialogues, and the noteworthy performances by Karunakaran and Bobby Simha.

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