If Band Baja Baaraat was laced with some exceptional writing and a sharp narration, its remake, Aaha Kalyanam, rides on some witty dialogues, delivering a fresh Rom-Com to the Tamil audience. The film marks the foray of YRF’s first production of Tamil films.
This charming entertainer directed by debutant Gokul Krishnan takes place in a very urban setting. Shakti (Nani) is a slothful college graduate who will do anything to not return to his village where he would be forced to become a farmer. Life takes a 360-degree turn when he becomes business partners with the responsible and disciplined Shruthi (Vaani Kapoor), whose sole aim is to become a successful wedding planner. Conflict arises when the two decide to part ways after an important rule is broken  “Finance-um Romance-um onnu sera mudiyathu”(Finance and romance can never go hand in hand).
Although, the scenes are sincerely lifted from the original, the first half where Shakti and Shruthi befriend each other, and organize several weddings are enjoyable. The second half, the bone of contention between the lead pair somehow looses pace with its blotchy narrative. Nani shines in his transformation from an unpolished indolent guy to the resolute wedding planner. It’s his versatility that adds charm to the character and makes him instantly likeable. Debutant Vaani Kapoor makes an impressive debut in Tamil. She performs her role with zeal trying her best to lip-sync correctly. (Her dance moves are rather raunchy). Kudos to the talented Chinmayi who dubbed for her, she emotes perfectly in her spirited voice. Their chemistry was definitely like a house on fire. Krishna as the cop gives his sparkling best in the cameo, if only his role was a tad bit longer.
The high point of the movie are Rajiv Rajaram’s quirky dialogues which adds the originality to the film. The quick witted lines provide several laughs. Especially, the lines where the lead funnily mocks the heroine. The dialogues don’t make the heroine an object of scorn (which is rather common is Tamil films nowadays) but are rather playful. Yash Raj has a legacy of delivering super hit songs in its films, but the same can’t be said about it here. You would also wonder the odd assortment of costumes the heroine wears.  She walks around wearing flimsy, revealing costumes in odd locations. The problem with this film is that it lacks the earnestness and warmth the original provided. It lacked the flavor of the local milieu. If only the scenes were to provide a little originality.

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