After watching Vishal’s endearing performance in Pandiya Naadu and Naan Sigapu Manithan you begin to appreciate the actor for choosing innovative and engaging films. You begin to wonder, which interesting film this actor will star in? Hold those thoughts, there is one film that will make you reconsider your decision. And that film is Sundar C’s unimaginative film, Aambala!

This lengthy film celebrates Vishal’s ideologies on politics, stardom and umm.. ‘high-class’ girls. Aambala, like other Sundar C films, explores the confusion taking place within a big family. And this fun concept done right, can be a lot of fun! If not, it is a disaster. Unfortunately, this film falls in the latter category. In Aambala, we see flying Sumos and cars moving at the speed of light! But flying Sumo’s aren’t a problem here, it is the 3-second freeze-shot and the physics-defying action sequences of the hero which baffles you! Sundar C’s 1998 comedy ‘Ullathai Allitha’ was also a comedy-drama and boasted of one of the popular heroes of the ‘90s – Karthik. But one of the reasons why it worked was because Karthik didn’t mouth any punch dialogues. This is a typical Sundar C film with all the usual elements, but there’s a new addition to this – he adds a level of technical improvement to this film with a good visual presentation.
The film gives us some regressive humor and some unoriginal sequences that fail to engage you. There are oddly placed camera angles, especially low-angle shots that focus on the assets of a woman. Let’s just say sexist angles that Deepika Padukone would sue you for! And, Hansika chooses to play the same role of ‘cute and buggy girl’ who manages to ignore the fact that a stranger constantly stalks her and ogles at her. Clearly, she’s been cast in this movie only for some skin-show.
Ramyakrishnan delivers a good performance in her role as the ambitious politician. Satish’s performance as the con man is noteworthy. One of the few good things about the movie is his screen presence. Hip-Hop Tamizha’s music adds a spunk to this otherwise dull film.
Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film if you’re a fan Vishal’s ‘mass avatar’ and if you like masala films that comprise of a huge star cast.

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