Verdict:  A suspense thriller with an emotional twist.

Suspense thrillers have the unique ability to grasp the attention of the viewer right from the get-go. The curiosity factor in the film is what keeps you hooked till the very end. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Kollywood’s new favorite genre is suspense thriller. And this week’s latest suspenseful offering is Aarathu Sinam. Directed by Arivazhagan , this film is the remake of Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam film, Memories that had Prithviraj in the lead. 
The plot of the film revolves around an alcoholic police officer and the events that rattle his life. The film gives you a clear idea about what the distressed Aravind (Arulnithi) is going through. The way he battles his inner demons, his anger and his helplessness are highlighted quite clearly. It immediately makes you feel for him. In his lowest moments, he finds the strength to investigate a crime.
The film explores a series of crimes, and how one of the murders connect with Aravind. The film gives us an insight on religion and human relationships. The scenes in which the murders take place are gruesome. The film’s gripping narration and visuals are its strength. The film features scenes that are mostly shot in the night, therefore adding an eerie feel, which enhance the air of mystery. The film’s music also plays a key part in creating this effect. S. Thaman’s background score seems perfect for the thriller. 
Aarathu Sinam-Boomyshow
With its dramatic yet compelling flashback, the pace of the film further intensifies. The best scene in the film is when the killer is finally confronted by Aravind. There are a few negative points as well. The film’s comic sequences that feature Robo Shankar could’ve been avoided, as they feel out-of-place in the film. There are some loose ends in the film’s story as well. The subplots in the film also seem disconnected.
Arulnithi delivers his career-best performance. He underplays yet delivers an intense act as the police officer. Technically, the film’s strength is its sharp visuals, captured by cinematographer, Aravinnd Singh. The editing is also crisp.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Aarathu Sinam is a compelling suspense thriller that’ll have you at the edge of your seat. Arulnithi’s performance is a highlight of this movie.