Verdict: Sandeep Reddy’s movie in Tamil initiates Dhruv into Kollywood.

After Arjun Reddy in Telugu and Kabir Singh in Hindi, Sandeep Reddy is spreading his story amongst Tamil audience with Gireesaaya’s directorial debut. This time giving his acting debut is none other than Chiyaan Vikram’s son Dhruv Vikram. Dhruv Vikram is seen portraying the role of Tollywood star Vijay Devraconda in this movie. With him, in an absolute cute avatar, is the October actress Banita Sandhu. The movie was initially set to release on 8th November 2019, but finally, it is out and hitting the theatres.

What’s Adithya Varma About:

Adithya Varma (Dhruv Vikram) is an unruly rebel who is pursuing his doctoral degree in one of the famous medical college in Mangalore. He is ingenious and at the same time very passionate and straightforward. Adithya is almost expelled because of his violent and harsh behaviour but stays back when he falls in love at first sight with his junior Meera Shetty (Banita Sandhu). She reciprocates his love and they share some extremely loving moments until her dad finds a Tullu guy for her. The conflict in the plot begins from that point and this is when Adithya spirals and indulges in drugs and alcohol.

What Works:

Dhruv Vikram commendably does a wonderful job with his acting debut and with a clearly strange character as Adithya Varma. On the other hand, Banita Sandhu plays that cute, pretty, young and submissive girl’s character who later becomes stronger. Her character reminded us of Dakota Johnson’s role as Anastasia in Fifty shades of Grey. Apart from that, there is love, lust, drugs, alcohol, and comparatively more kissing scenes than in Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy. The music and sequences are the same as Arjun Reddy but in Tamil this time with Radhan’s prolific mind that set the tune for Arjun Reddy, as well.

What Could Have Been Better:

The problematic love story extravagantly shows off violent love, abnormal behaviour, dominance, male chauvinism, and body shaming. These are questionable representations that can have negative impact on society’s mentality and the human psyche. Plus, this is a direct remake of Arjun Reddy and does not add anything new to the plot.

Why You Should Watch:

For those who love passionate love and blunt characters, this movie is a must-watch. If you are an Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh fan, then you should go for the Tamil remake, as well, because these artists have done some hard work.

-By Anagha Nair