Amara Kaaviyam: Film Review – A powerful tale of love and betrayal.

The opening scene of Amara Kaaviyam is haphazard. It doesn’t let you set focus on any one person. Constantly introducing fade-in and fade-away shots, creates a sense of curiosity in you. Soon you realize that Jeeva (Sathya) is in prison. Isn’t this the way all love stories with a tragic theme should begin with? Director Jeeva gives us a well-made love story that stars the exceptionally talented newcomer named, Mia George. However, due to its highly-questionable backstory and the inconvincible charm; the film fails to create an impact on you.

Set in the ‘80s, this film gives us a love story in an age where, there were no cell phones and no internet. Jeeva (Sathya) and Karthiga (Mia George) fall deeply in love during their high school years. Due to strict parental pressure, the two lovers are forced to separate. In dejection, Jeeva resorts to violent ways, to meet Mia. He is then diagnosed with a mental illness. He soon fakes a recovery and decides to listen to his conniving friend and continues his search for Mia.
Directed by Jeeva Shankar, the film boasts of some visually-stunning shots, an enchanting background score and mystic feel to enhance the tonality of a love story, shot in a hill station. But is this really enough to uplift the tone of a love story? You may have your doubts. The set props seem appropriate, but it confused me as to why the poster of Rocky 3, was pasted in the tea shop. (Since Rocky 3 released in 1982, and this film is set in 1988) The film’s plot is rather ambiguous. The filmmaker skillfully establishes the characters in the film, but fails to give depth to these characters. Why does Karthiga fall in love with Jeeva? Why weren’t we shown sequences of why Jeeva, becomes mentally affected?  What was the reason why he was perceived as an abnormal child? Questions like these remain unanswered. 

Why you should watch this film:

Watch this film for the exceptional performance of Mia George. The actor delivers a performance, like that of a seasoned thespian. Her eyes are emotive, and she thoroughly convinces you as, Karthiga.


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