Verdict: Vijay Anthony leaves us bemused as ever with his double role acting. 

Vijay Anthony stepped into new waters by editing his new film Annadurai. Despite being in the lead role and the music composer for the film, the editing seems to be the best part of the film. Directed by G. Srinivasan, Annadurai shows how life can take a turn by just one mistake and the toll it takes on your near and dear ones. A rowdy themed movie, it does serve the purpose of every rowdy driven movie – a lot of fighting, that is.

What’s Annadurai About?

Annadurai - BookMyShowAnnadurai showcases Vijay Anthony in a double role as Annadurai and Thambidhuran, two righteous twin brothers who take law into their own hands. The film follows Annaduran and his reform to become a better person after paying a hefty price for his wrongdoings. This eventually follows to a shocking turn of events putting the film into a different perspective altogether. Annaduran is an alcoholic who is depressed by the death of his girlfriend, Esther. Whilst wallowing, he rescued Eshwari (Mahima) from being raped by some men. He eventually pushes her away and starts to fall in love with Chaitra (Diana Champika). His twin brother, Thambidhuran, a P.E. teacher by profession, is a righteous young man who is forced into doing wrong things as a result of his brother’s activities. He falls in love and is set to wed Revathi (Jewel Mary), a young ambitious girl who is studying to be a P.E. teacher. 

The second half sees a role reversal between the twin brothers and puts the audience in a fix with Vijay Anthony’s acting. 

What Works:

Annadurai is a simple movie with an extremely common theme in the film industry viz a viz., Rowdies and gangs. It is easy on the mind and overall an easy going movie. Vijay Anthony does a great job playing double roles and his effort is commendable. The script and dialogues are topnotch and writer G. Srinivasan does a brilliant job in writing the dialogues. The story is simple and the shots there are a few good shots.

What Could Have Been Better:

The film felt like a drag as it saw a role reversal in the second half making it seem as if not much effort was put into the production. Albeit Vijay Anthony performing well as a double role, he did seem confused for the most part of it. The film also seemed less realistic and there were one too many fight scenes that were less thrilling making the audience feel like it was dragged. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Vijay Anthony’s acting and dialogue delivery make this film a fun one to watch. If you’ve had a long week and are looking to chill, this is the movie for you to have fun and chill out!

By Nikita Fernandes

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