Verdict: A wonderful portrayal of the government’s inadequacy. 

PSAs seem to be the hot topic in the Tamil movie industry off late and thank heavens for it. There’s nothing better than a movie for public viewing that serves the purpose of public service and providing information to the general public. And that is exactly what Aramm does. A wonderful portrayal of a hard-hitting topic ignored by a great many, this film does a remarkable job of providing the facts to the viewers to inform the incompetence of the bureaucracy. 


Based on multiple true events with a certain twist, Aramm is the story of Madhivadhini (Nayanthara), an honest district collector in Tamil Nadu who fights against the corrupt and lazy government to work against the rampant water scarcity and injustice in rural areas. Helping the public and working to dismantle the hierarchy is her motif. The story revolves around Mullendran and his family of five from a small village that is struck by drought, Katur in Tamil Nadu who are faced by an unfortunate situation that puts his children in grave danger, all thanks to the inability of the government to function properly and efficiently. The film speaks largely about the ignorance of the country toward the rural areas, as opposed to that of the cities. 

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The film is largely based on a social service announcement and is intended to inform the general public of a much ignored problem. Director Gopi Nainar and the production house KJR provide brilliant shots and some of the camera angles and incorporation of the music in the scenes are almost to perfection. The acting is on par with some of the greats in the industry. The film, a dramatic one at that, does a remarkable job of conveying emotions that come with these situations and make you want to almost shed a tear. The chaos and madness of the situation is largely shown with absolutely no filter which is important in a social service film such as this. The film is wonderfully written and hits you right in the gut. 


Albeit a good Public Service Announcement, the film did seem a bit prolonged as a result of the heaviness of the topic that it speaks about. As hard-hitting as the storyline is, it does not seem to make the audience want to ease up. Some scenes of police brutality and “power politics” seem to be blown out of proportion. The chaos of the general public played a large part in this film which made it feel a bit tiresome. 


As a nation of not only city folk but also rural areas, we must know and not ignore their well being and development and this is what the film talks to us about. Nayanthara’s serious acting and performance of a powerful woman on a high post in the government is commendable. We suggest you watch this hard-hitting film with its heart in the right place. 

– Nikita Fernandes

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