Verdict: A predictable yet engaging horror-comedy. 
Sundar C is now an established name in Kollywood when it comes to making an absolute entertainer. The director is back with a sequel to his 2014 horror-comedy – Aranmanai 2. Aranmanai offered an ample dose of drama, comedy and spooks and now Aranmanai 2 offers all of those in double proportions. The story of Aranmanai isn't particularly novel, and even seems like a predictable affair. However, the swift treatment of the plot, makes it engaging.
The plot is pretty much one we are already familiar with. An evil spirit seeks revenge and decides to haunt the residents of palatial home. The spirit's purpose is simple – to scare the wits out of the people and kill a few of the residents in the process. Sundar C employs his usual tropes for this film as well – a haunted mansion, shapeless dark evils lurking around, good vs. evil, flashback sequences and loads of humor. Like the other films of the director, this film also aims at upping the glamour quotient. Scenes featuring Trisha, in her gorgeous beachwear is one such example. 
Just like Aranmanai, this film also uses comedy as its biggest strength. The hilarious comic sequence featuring Soori, Manobala and Kovi Sarala’s, along with the punch lines help in lightening the mood.
Often in multi-starrers, one star leads the pack, while the rest just seem like supporting artists. That isn't the case in Aranmanai 2 though. Hansika continues to marvel us with her brief yet commendable performance. She emotes perfectly. Trisha looks fierce as the possessed woman, while Siddharth adds his effortless charm to his role. Sundar. C keeps a plum role for himself and proves to us that he is a filmmaker who can also deliver a good performance.  The film hits the bullseye with the cast that saves a film like this with a wafer thin plot. The climax of the film is all about the battle between good and evil. No prizes for guessing the winner. 
The film is quite vibrantly shot, while retaining the much needed dark tone to a horror-film.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you are a fan of the first movie and have been waiting for the sequel, Aranmanai 2 will not disappoint. Filled with thrill and fun; this horror-comedy is the perfect watch for the weekend. Fans of Hansika, Trisha and Siddharth should lap this one up.