When the prolific Ajith stars in a film, you expect that film to create quite an impact! From an entertainment point-of-view, it probably will. But from a movie-lover’s point-of-view, it will dissapoint! The plot of the film is cliche, but what you probably would be expecting from this film is superb execution and top notch acting! Unfortunately, both fail!


Ashok aka AK is an ex-bomb disposal specialist who, for certain reasons, turns bad! In the process he also cunningly ropes in genius hacker Arya and makes him a part of his so called nefarious plans! One thing leads to another.. and another… and another. Basically, the chain reaction almost never stops.


Now, the first half of this film is quite interesting but also has sequences that will make you want to strangle yourself. No, seriously! But then the intersting parts make up for it. Then you have the two heroines – Maya & Anita. Maya is still bearable to watch but when Anita would open her mouth you would probably want to ask her to shut up! Yes, the character was THAT annoying! The film also features the flamboyant Mahesh Manjrekar as the Home Minister and the talented Atul Kulkarni as JCP Ravichandran,


The movie was loaded with action sequences and pretty decent cinematography. The main problem with this film was the fact that even with a decent, though predictive, plot, the execution wasn’t really upto the mark! The soundtrack, however, was very nice! It was powerful and had the perfect notes that fit into the not-so-perfect scenes!


What Ajith did in the film can be compared to a downgraded version of Jason Bourne. A (not so) super smart guy with (no) real killer skills and a very nice paunch (Although, I do admit he did his level best to try and hide it). Arjun did a pretty decent role and the rest of the cast were strictly ok.


Overall, the film isn’t something that movie lovers would look forward to. But if you really have nothing much to do and you’re looking for entertainment, this movie will satisfy you. Atleast, to a certain level.

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