Verdict: Backed by brilliant storytelling, Asuran is a hard-hitting and engaging affair.

Asuran is an action drama directed by Vetrimaaran and it features Dhanush in the lead and Manju Warrier, Pasupathy, Ken Karunas, Teejay Arunasalam and Prakash Raj in pivotal roles. The story is based on Poomani‘s novel Vekkai and Vetrimaaran and Manimaaran have adapted it into a screenplay. Asuran narrates the survival story of a family that falls prey to a rich man’s greed; the makers have beautifully portrayed it on the screen.

What’s Asuran About:

Sivasaamy (Dhanush) and his family are on a run – his youngest son Chidambaram (Ken Karunas) has murdered Narasimhan (Adukalam Naren), an upper-caste rich landlord in the locality and the latter’s family wants revenge. Narasimhan wanted the family land which belonged to Sivasaamy’s wife Pachayamma (Manju Warrier) but she refused to give it to him as she didn’t want to let go of her only asset. Her son Murugan (Teejay Arunasalam), a hot-headed young man, gets into a tiff with Narasimhan’s son, creating animosity between the two families. Knowing Narasimhan’s background, Sivasaamy does not want war and has always been concerned about his son’s safety. However, one thing leads to another and Murugan gets killed. A teenaged Chidambaram exacts vengeance and ends up killing Narasimhan. Now Sivasaamy wants to protect his family from the powerful enemies. Though Sivasaamy seems to be an alcoholic and seems to prefer peace, there is more to him that meets the eye, especially when his family’s life is in danger.

What Works:

Everything about the movie is par excellence. The screenplay is so intense and gripping, it keeps you hooked till the end. Dhanush has given a solid performance – he is convincing as the short-tempered youngster and a helpless middle-aged man in distress. His expressions, the way he trembles and delivers his dialogue is a treat to watch. Manju Warrier gets a fabulous debut in Tamil and her performance is just stunning. She effortlessly nails the accent and is a perfect cast member. Her Pachayamma reminds you of a fierce Bhanu that she was in Kanmadam. Pasupathy, Teejay Arunasalam, Ken Karunas, and Prakash Raj are perfect fit for their respective roles and make the film viewing experience more interesting. G. V. Prakash Kumar‘s music and background score go well with the plot. The track Blood Bath is a total winner. Velraj‘s cinematography is yet another highlight of the film. The stunts are excellent and makeup is also done well. Director Vetrimaaran who is known for his raw and intense portrayal of characters has maintained that pace in Asuran as well. The screenplay is flawless and the dialogues are relevant. Casteism and the rich-versus-poor divides are the main points in the movie and that has been handled really well. There isn’t a single scene that is off track or unnecessary. Overall, Asuran is a great cinematic experience.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though everything about the movie seems flawless, it gets predictable at times. You would know what would happen during the intermission and may have an idea about how the movie would end. Keeping that aside, Asuran is a masterpiece.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Asuran for hard-hitting performances and filmmaking. Dhanush, as usual, excels and his combination with Vetrimaaran has only delivered masterpieces. Watch Asuran for a great cinematic experience.