Bramman : Film Review

 What happens if the typical Vasanth and Vikraman movies based on friendship were dreadfully tweaked, jumbled and remade today? The result: Bramman. This movie stars Sasikumar in an urban avatar, a lot different from his previous roles.

The film directed by debutant Socrates deals with too many issues in the crux of friendship.
Plot one:  It deals with Shiva (Sasikumar), a jobless guy whose primary aim is to save the local theater where his childhood memories are etched. 
Plot two: Trouble pops up when the government decides to shut the theatre due to non-payment of dues, and due to this, the hero decides to trace his childhood friend who is now a successful director in Tollywood but is settled in Chennai (This doesn’t seem legitimate). 
Plot Three: (I can’t promise you if it’s the last plot): During the period of finding his friend, he accidentally (or rather due to ‘marketing’) gets the opportunity to direct a film. It is at this point you think that the movie would steadily take pace and the film would slowly emerge as a winner, but no, it doesn’t. That’s when trouble seeps into paradise, it deviates his primary aim when the evil/opportunist director (Naveen Chandra) is introduced. The rest of the story digresses with sentimental and formulaic plot.
Sasikumar does full justice to his role, he conveys his emotions perfectly. But the scenes between him and Debutant Lavanya (Gives a neat performance) are rather non-essential to the film. The glimpses of the flashback, combined with the ‘Short film’ would leave you bewildered, just like many other sequences of the film. Santhanam and Soori are the only ones who provide relief to this dragging film.  Raja Mohammed’s editing could have done with a little more innovation. DSP’s music is loud even for a romantic number. Bramman doesn’t do any justice to its title. Bramman (The creator) rather destroys Shiva (The destroyer) in this plodding drama. Watch it if you want to see Yaman (The deity of Death) deceive you in form of this movie and slowly kill you.

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