Burma: Film Review – An offbeat crime-thriller

 As you begin to watch Burma, you can’t help but root for the film, for its interesting characters, a solid story and a gritty subplot. Director Dharanidharan’s Burma might convince you that it is a good crime-drama, but you only wish that the film could’ve been better. This, primarily because, the several elements of the film, don’t bind. The key element one would look for in a crime-thriller is that sub-plots must interlink, to give it a nail-biting finish. However, Burma manages to only partially convince us.

Laced with some dark-humor, Burma promises a few good laughs. A special mention to the scenes featuring the Vamp’s sidekick. The interval block, gives us the much-needed suspense. A movie that is filled with some good humor, an interesting story could’ve been a tad more endearing. Why did the Vamp want the cash? How did they get into this line? Why did the photographer-police officer-con man need the money? This, and many more questions remain unanswered. Perhaps, the filmmaker could’ve established his characters with more depth. The romantic track between Michael and Reshmi Menon seems rather unconvincing. It bewildered me as to why Sampath depicted a bizarre body language. His performance was a reflection of the one in the film, Goa. Yes, the one with the odd feminine gestures.
The sleek presentation of the film, along with a good background score is definitely the highlight of this otherwise disappointing film.
Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film for an interesting storyline, top-lined by a good background score by Sudharshan M. Kumar. The film has an original story, but the method in which it is conveyed seems abrupt.

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