Just when you think you have seen enough mushy, fancy and unrealistic drama unfold in Tamil cinema, here comes the love story inspired from real-life events Cuckoo. The usual commercial format but lets you down with its slow and exaggerated narrative.

Directed by debutante Raju Murugan, the story revolves around Thamzil (Dinesh)and Sudhanthirakodi (Mallavika), two visually impaired people who fall in love. Trouble strikes paradise for the lovers when Malavika’s brother tries to marry her off to his friend, who promises to provide financial aid for the family. But the love birds weren’t going to let their impairment a reason for  separation.
He endured you with his performance in Attakathi and made his mark as one of the most promising stars in Kollywood. He doesn’t fail to impress you in this film either. Dinesh’s urge to provide distinct versatility to his character in his second film Cuckoo is commendable. The young actor has got into the skin of the character by becoming a visually challenged person. It looks like he has done a lot of homework for the role. This is one film which will stay as a highlight in his career. Malavika looks pleasing, and performs a neat show. This is the perfect launch pad for the new comer.
There are several new faces, most of them visually challenged, who deliver stellar performances. You just seem to be a spectator, observing all the people who are part of Thamzil and Kodi’s life. A particular mention to the performing troop the hero works for. The placement of visual elements, especially in the song Manasula Soora Kaathey is visually appealing.
The film opens to the usual credits but with a POV from the visually challenged couple. What’s amusing is the director has cleverly used a narrative to describe the early life of the couple, instead of focusing on the visuals. It looks like director Raju Murugan wanted his first movie to provide testimony about his life and his encounter with the real-life couple. He has generously conveyed his feelings for issues dealing with humanity, actors and celebrities. Most of the dialogues seem witty but some seemed to have been topped with clichéd lines. One of the strong element of this film is its first half. The sweet, mushy moments which the couple share where disability isn’t really projected as a barrier.
But what fails to keep this film engaging is its predictable and dragging narrative. Just when you think the film will end, a new conflict takes off leading to an unmerited second half. There are several scenes in the film which are repetitive and give you a déjà vu moment. Too many characters mouth too many unnecessary dialogues. Its becomes a little too predictable leading to long film. Overall  the film is a glumly tale of a couple who  look at life in the most optimistic way. Watch it for the films lead hero.

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