Thriller movies are the flavor of the season in Kollywood, and director Shree’s Damal Dummel is no exception. Perhaps the film can boast of its genre only in their posters, since the film  lacks the basic elements that define a thriller.

The film sets out to depict the life of MonkeyKandan (Vaibhav), a highly paid IT employee who has several responsibilities to deal with – to take care of his widowed mother, marry his sister off and finally  to settle down with his long-time girlfriend (Ramya Nambeesan). But things go topsy-turvy when Moneykandan suffers probelms at his office, resulting in him getting fired. At this juncture, the hero receives mysterious package- A heavy sum of money which inturn plants selfish ideas in the hero’s mind. Then begins the confusing encounters between the rightful owners of the money Kamatchi Sundaram (Shivaji Shinde), Illavarasu (Kota Srinivasa), and the lead.
Manikandan (an impassive Vaibhav) is portrayed as the Midas God in the film, only difference being – the goons he tries to defend himself from, die in the most unconventional ways (one even gets killed by a butter knife). The hero is portrayed as a cool headed and organized person. How else would you explain the consecutive sequences where the hero is trying to ‘pack’ and hide dead bodies and eventually cleans up the murder scene. Is this intented to deliver a funny moment or was is intended to manipulate the audience?. The placement of dialogues/posters/cutouts of superstars seems to be a trademark in all Tamil films lately. The scenes where Ajith, Vijay and Rajini  appear of the television sets, is just forced for drawing your attention. Apart from that it has nothing that will win you over. You then realize that all these several misfortunes take place all in one day – Perhaps a time-frame of these situations could’ve helped in the better understanding of these events .
Even though the plot seems to be interesting, Director Shree sketches out a inconsistent and sloppy method of storytelling.  With over-simplistic dialogues and loosely established characters; the narrative is simply a drag.
Why you should watch this film?
The only positive highlights of this film are the performances by established artists like Shivaji Shinde and Kota Srinivasa. Strictly for those who want to test your patience by watching this dull and inconsistent movie, that claims itself as a Dark-comedy Thriller.

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