Verdict: A pretty movie complete with stylish cinematography and locales.

Romance, heartbreak, action, adventure, music – Dev has it all. Karthi puts his best foot forward in his new flick. It has been written and directed by the debutant director Rajath Ravishankar. The film stars Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles while Amrita Srinivasan, RJ Vignesh, Prakash Raj, and Ramya Krishnan play other key characters. The music has been scored by Harris Jayaraj while cinematography is handled by R. Velraj.

What’s Dev About:

Dev (Karthi) is a carefree adventure junkie. He ropes in his buddies (Amrita and Vignesh) to go on road trips, treks, bike races and the like. He goes by the “you live only once” dictum and is fully supported by his father (Prakash Raj), a business tycoon. His life changes when he meets Meghna (Rakul), an entrepreneur in the US. She is all work and no play. When two people as different as chalk and cheese meet, it is an adventure in itself.

What Works:

The movie takes off in a narrative style with timelines going back and forth. Karthi has done a decent job as the adventure-loving carefree guy sans career and ambition. RJ Vignesh aka Samosa plays the bumbling friend to the T and is seen being slapped around by the leading ladies. Rakul is styled almost flawlessly and looks fab on the big screen. It is refreshing to see Meghna as a confident and bold woman, who is sure of herself at all times. We wish there was more of Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan on screen. They have almost walk-in roles and we would have loved to see more of them. The movie has action sequences thrown in for good measure. The scenes shot in the Himalayas and Ukraine are beautiful. The score does justice to the cinematography, and the playlist is definitely above average.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Dev begins as a refreshing movie, which promises to be different from the usual fare and becomes a bit predictable in the second half. However, that does not rob the film of its charm.

Why You Should Watch:

The movie is stylishly framed and set in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Karthi and Rakul are a treat on screen. If you are looking for a breezy entertainer this weekend, watch Dev!