Verdict: Devi 2 doubles your usual dose of entertainment.

With Devi being a box office hit, A L Vijay’s sequel Devi 2 has been much anticipated. It is finally out in theatres with the most wanted on-screen couple Tamannaah and Prabhu Deva back in the lead roles. ‎K. Ganesh and R. Ravindran in partnership with G V Films continue the comic horror in a new location while Gopi Sundar and Sam C. S.’s musical composition grants a rhythmic tune and texture to the screenplay. The new cast also includes Kovai Sarala, Nandita Swetha, RJ Balaji and Dimple Hayati.


Devi 2 is an exploration of Krishna’s (Prabhu Deva) fear of Ruby’s return in his life. His insecurity leads him to pack his bags and start a new life with Devi (Tamannaah) in Mauritius. As he awaits a happy beginning to life, life itself has many surprises on its way. Meanwhile, Devi is enjoying her life in Mauritius until she discovers that Krishna having an affair with not one but two women – Sara (Nandita Swetha) and Isha (Dimple Hayati). Devi is heartbroken but Krishna denies all her allegations. Initially skeptical about his behavior, she later finds out that Krishna is actually possessed by two spirits who refuse to leave his body until their mission is accomplished. To Devi’s horror, she is clueless yet determined to get Krishna back but the story has a new chapter for them to open and excavate.


In Devi 2, Prabhu Deva triumphs with his instant role-changing quality to three characters, one of whom speaks in Telugu. The tradition of watching his dance numbers is intact and planted flexibly with some catchy music. Tamannaah, with her flawless appearance and elegant ethnic look, grabs attention in most of her scenes.

The introductory scenes are a mix of glimpses from the prequel with a short animation so even if you haven’t watched the first movie, you are prepared for this one. The animation narrates Krishna’s inner struggles that eventually shape his decision. Vijay has intelligently tied the story and used references from classic South Indian movies like Ghajini, Alaipayuthey, Mankatha, and Arjun Reddy. Interestingly, he has used the window and breeze as props to instigate horror and fear. At the same time, the movie neutralizes horror with its humor, comic scenes and funny performances. The audiences can have their parts of chuckles and laughter with the interplay of confusions created by the spirits in the movie.


The movie needed more horror. A few more scenes, if coated with the right amount of terrifying incidents, could have balanced the horror and the humor. The movie’s inclination towards being funny diminishes the terror that it guarantees. The plot could also have been woven decisively to stimulate logical reasoning.


This glamorous masala movie has drama, entertainment, unbounded hilarious scenes, hardcore dance numbers, and funky music. The spectators undoubtedly will have a relieving experience that is doubled up with heavy action sequences by Prabhu Deva in the soft background of Mauritius. A must-watch for fans of the lead cast!

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-By Anagha Nair