Verdict: Atharvaa shines in this action-drama 

Movies based on sports often focus on the life of the protagonist and his unflinching determination to reach the winning point, both in personal and professional lives. Director Ravi Arasu‘s lastest release – Eetti also deals with this theme. And, it succeeds in doing so fairly well. All thanks to the film’s fantastic lead actor Atharvaa, who is convincing as Pugazh.

Eetti has several sub-plots running while focusing on the athlete’s life. The movie throws light on a bleeding disorder and the issue of counterfeit currency. One would assume that this would confuse the viewer to an extent. Ravi Arasu though has a few tricks up his sleeve. The film intertwines the subplots well. And keeps its audience curious throughout. 

The movie also breaks certain stereotypical notions. For instance, a goon is shown to have a humane side to himself when he decides to let go of his feelings or a girl only because her family disapproved the match.The film’s fight-sequences are skillfully choreographed. Several sequences of the film are dramatic but the exaggeration may appeal to the masses. 

The scenes featuring Adukalam Murgadoss and Atharvaa add comic relief. The chemistry between the young pair Pugazh (Atharvaa) and Gayathri (Sri Divya) looks cute but often breaks the pace of an otherwise gripping story. The film could have looked a lot sharper if the run-time wasn’t as lengthy. Athaarva looks perfect as an athlete. Flashing those washboard abs, the young actor looks dashing. He gets all the nuances right and adds charm to the film. Adukalam Naren and Jeyaprakash also play their part perfectly.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The film promises to raise your heart beats. It guarantees that you root for the hero. Athaarva’s superb performance will be noticed by all. The cinematography by Saravanan Abhimanyu and music by G.V. Prakash are other highlights of this film.