There is always something about psychological-thrillers that always increases our curiosity level. It makes an average person think beyond the normal, and it pushes him to a world where his subconscious mind takes force where he can live his dream. Director Prasath Ramar‘s Enakkul Oruvan deals with one such subject.

Remake of the Kannada film, Lucia, Enakkul Oruvan carries an amazingly unique concept and tries to blend this, in a commercial cinema format, while adding an artsy quality to it. It’s riveting, intriguing and definitely refreshing, but what is fails to be is, engaging – and this is where the execution plays an important role. The key factor, without which, the impact of this genre feels incomplete! Surely, Enakkul Oruvan should’ve been much smarter and gritty than this!

The protagonist is well-played by Siddharth, who is casual and tries to provide intensity to his role. Siddharth tries to portray himself in the role as the cocky yet compassionate film star. Although a tad bit unconvincing in his role as the uneducated dark skinned usher, his performance as, Vicky, is superb! Yet somewhere his character tries to confuse us. Is he a humble person or does he have a negative shade to his character. Siddharth has picked the right role for his 25th film. Last year we saw the actor’s terrific performance in the period-drama, Kaaviya Thalaivan. 
Newcomer Deepa Sannidhi‘s performance is decent, but she definitely has scope for improvement. Adukalam Naresh shines as the distressed theatre owner, delivering a commendable performance. But the real heroes of the film are its technical team. The editing of the film is noteworthy, especially when the suspense elements are depicted through the transition sequence. Camera work by Gopi Amarnath is good. Santosh Narayan‘s music is brilliant! 
The musical brings suspense elements to the plot, while trying to maintain the tone of the film.
On the downside, the fight scenes that take place in the parking area look like a mess. Limitless, that followed a similar genre worked well, on the fact that it was racy, tight and worked on an intelligent execution, topped by some good performance. If not for anything else, then Enakkul Oruvan may work for its unique concept. It tries to underline the issue of real problems and scenarios, which people able to live it only it through their dreams. But the it is the execution of the film that falls flat. 
Why you should watch this film?
Enakkul Oruvan is surely worth a watch, even when his dreams fall from a great height, it still manages to reach its desired destination, but may not take you to it. Go watch this movie, if you’re a fan of psychological-thrillers.

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