The film’s promotional poster piqued our curiosity by giving us few details about the title. – is love, I – is beast and I – is revenge. But what actually is ‘I‘? I – is a stupendously engrossing, visually fantastic film with Vikram’s exuberant performance serving as the film’s backbone! The film took about 3 years to make and all through it, Vikram has lived the character and his performance is a reflection of his undying effort. Having said how amazing this movie is, one has to note that watching a Shankar film is a visual experience. This reason is the grandeur of the film. It is showcased by some innovative concepts which are unseen by the general audience.
Unlike his earlier films which have delivered a social message, this one showcases a medical condition. The filmmaker has focused on the age-old concept of jealousy! An aspiring model falls prey to the vicious traps of his enemies. Thus begins his tale of vengeance. The lead begins to plot innovative methods to get back at those that wronged him. Revealing these methods would be spoilers.
Although slow, the first half of the film starts off with Vikram’s glamorous past, interspersed with scenes of the present day. We understand that the film explores the advertising world. But, the many product placements will make you wonder what the filmis really about! You also begin to wonder if the tag line ‘I – is’ is about product placement. It looks like the director had decided to convince the audience that Amy Jackson is Indian. Regarding her culture or her principles in life; she plays the righteous Indian woman. Shankar has decided to make the bikini-clad model so Indian, that she wears salwars even when she’s not shooting an advertisement. The director teases and uses humor in certain scenes, especially when the lovelorn stylist Ojas, eats a hotdog to gain the attention of Lee (Vikram).
Director Shankar has a knack of focusing only on the artists’ positives, and he’s done the same for Amy Jackson. But the second half of the film is the highlight. The attention to detail is noteworthy. From Vikram’s fingernails, when he is the hunchback, to the scene in which the senior doctor travels in a Fiat and much more. (Depicting the role of the famous doctor Natrajan, maybe?) And so, ‘I’ goes on, with some uncompromising and engrossing moments along with some intriguing and suspense-filled sequences.
The stunt sequences are far too many, but one has to give credit to the fantastic action-sequence on the train. On the downside, the lip-sync-ing of a few actors isn’t done well. But the biggest twist, is from Dr.Pervert aka Suresh Gopi. Upen Patel appears in this movie as a jealous model. This is probably the most acting that he has done throughout his whole film career. Other strikingly new and notable performances include Ojas as the envious stylist andRamkumar as the haughty industrialist. The scene in which the hunchback sees himself for the first time is fantastically shot. It directly reflects the actor’s appalling and gut wrenching transformation! These portions of his life will truly stir your soul! 
P.C.Sriram’s beautifully breathtaking visuals transport you to exotic locations of China. A.R.Rahman’s soul-stirring music especially the ‘Enodu Nee’ number elevates the mood. Overall, the film isn’t complex or over-done, it simply questions the concept of goodness and how hard it is for a good person to survive in this big bad world.
Why you should watch the film?
Watch this film for Vikram’s exuberant performance as – a model, a beast, a body builder and a hunchback. You don’t want to miss this film!

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