Athithi: Film Review – An unengaging suspense-thriller.

The considerate villain, the wife who can’t miss a birthday party and a husband who rents a car to spy on the fraudsters of his company – the film that carries these unintentionally funny characters is – Athithi.
The film is the remake of the popular English movie, Butterfly on a Wheel, (remade in Malayalam as Cocktail) and in Tamil, Athithi. Directed by Bharathan, the film does throw in a few surprises, but it doesn’t leave you stunned. Perhaps that’s what suspense dramas are supposed to do, completely grip us.
The film revolves around the case of disclosing an extra-marital affair, laced with elements of a thriller. Stagnated by clumsy writing and amateurish dialogues like – you tend to lose patience, on what the film is going to lead you to. The events that lead to revealing the suspense seems original, but they aren’t entirely completed. We want to see more of what happened to the funny pawn broker, and how the baby-sitter was recruited. The performances of the lead actors seem a little rehearsed initially, but eventually they do justice to their character after much improvisation.
Even though Thambi Ramiah‘s role doesn’t gel into the film’s premise, his performance will leave you in splits. Intended to be a suspense-thriller, the film desperately seeks to establish the thrill by giving us quick and fast cuts, that are repetitive and make you want to squint your eyes, leaving you with a minor headache. Most probably, because the much needed nerve-chilling expressions weren’t entirely evoked by the lead artists. After the puzzling sequences, the film finally unwraps a surprise, by finally doing justice to its genre. But they aren’t compelling enough, especially because of its over-dramatic dialogues that makes the tone seems sluggish.
Why you should watch this film:
Watch it for the film’s well intended plot, and Thambi Ramiah’s entertaining act.

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