When you watch a film that stars Udayanidhi- Santhanam, you might expect it to be a rib-tickling comedy like their last hit Ok Ok (oru kal oru kanadi). But Kadhirvelan Kadhal, directed by S.R. Prabhakaran doesn’t offer anything. Its meager attempt is a disaster.
Kathirvelan (Udaynidhi), a guy based in Madurai, heads out to Coimbatore to reconcile the differences between his eldest sister (Chaya Singh) and her husband (whose lip sync is pathetic). Things go well until Kathirvelan falls for his brother-in-law’s alleged rival’s daughter Pavitra (Nayantara), who in turn loves the 90s style bad boy Gautham (Sunder Ram). Kathirvelan successfully helps Pavitra identify the villain. Conflict supposedly strikes when the families get to know the love affair between Kathirvelan and Pavitra.
The story is rather haywire offering little scope for understanding. The film rides on a wafer thin plot offering very little humor here and there.  Santhanam doesn’t have much to offer, the comedy here particularly revels in making women the butt of all jokes.  And the men in the audience clap and whistle with elation. When will film makers realize that there is nothing appealing about cheap sexist or toilet jokes.
It’s hard to believe that this is the same director who made a highly enduring film like Sundarapadian. Producer turned actor Udayanidhi had launched himself as hero, who was part of a story that doesn’t demand much emotion from him in his debut film. He was right about his weakness, he fails to emote even in the saddest scene. There is absolutely no chemistry between Nayantara and him. It’s sad to see an expressive actress like her in such a film. But what is disappointing to see is the how the director has wasted talented actors like national award winner Sarayanya Ponvanan, Jayaprakash, Adukalam Naren and several more.
The scenes go on and as a result the film goes on pointlessly. This film is a mess. Strictly for those who want to watch a poorly made sequel of OkOk.

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