Saivam: Film review – A heart-warming tale of a child and her pet

Sometimes a film that carries a simple plot isn’t neatly stretched into a feature film. Sometimes simple ideas don’t just click, they create an impact. Saivam is one such well-intended film, which delivers a simple story with a message. It starts off well, and slowly packages itself into a story targeted for children, but noone’s complaining, as the film takes a smooth pace with its well sketched-out plot. The credit of which goes to the director, Vijay and the well-established characters who are the essence of the film.

The first-half of the film introduces you to the characters along with their back story. The enthusiastic teenager who tries to impress the girl, the snooty NRI kid who detests the village and the woes of the family members – most of which seem unimportant in the first-half. But it is in the second-half that these stories are revealed. The stories later inter-cut and wind up to deliver a message that’ll probably remind you of an old fable. Revealing a little more would be considered as a spoiler.  In a period where rom-coms and rustic village tales are ruling the roost, it’s refreshing to see Tamil cinema, give us a movie like Saivam – a lovely tale of a girl and her love for her pet rooster. The scenes that show you the ‘rooster’ confusion are sure to crack you up.  Even though the whole idea to portray ‘Baby’ Sara as the sensible and mature kid was conveyed, the ‘grown-up’ like talk could’ve been avoided.
Nazar delivers an effortless performance, while the characters who played the aunts and uncles breathe magic in to the film’s plot. But it is the cuddly and loveable performance by ‘Baby’ Sara and the little boy who played Shravan, that catch your attention. Their act is both sweet and endearing.
Why you should watch this film?
This feel-good film will leave you with good memories,  especially that of reading a bed-time story in your childhood. Watch it for the original sequences the film gives you, top-lined by some exceptional performances.

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