Verdict: An action-packed adventure movie with good special effects and great cinematography.

Indrajith is an action-adventure film based on Hollywood’s Indiana Jones franchise. This movie is directed by Kala Prabhu and produced by his father, Kalaippuli S Thanu, who is a veteran producer in the Tamil movie industry. Indrajith has an engaging storyline and keeps the audience engaged during the course of the film. The lead roles are played by Gautham Karthik and Ashrita Shetty, while the supporting roles are played by Pratap PothanRajveer Singh and Sonarika Bhadoria.

What’s Indrajith About:

Indrajith is a movie about two archeologists who are on a quest to find a sacred alien stone assumed to have supernatural healing powers. Indrajith (Gautham Karthik), accompanied by his fellow treasure hunters, goes on an adventure to northeast India, where he meets his love interest, played by Ashrita Shetty. The group now go on dangerous adventures in the forests of Assam in search of the mysterious treasure. Will they find it? That’s for you to find out!

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What Works:

The charming personality of Gautham Karthik and the pretty Ashrita Shetty do a good job of keeping the audience engaged. The action scenes are spot on with a suspense-filled car chase scene that will keep you on the edge of your seats. The music composition by KP is excellent. The concept of an Indiana Jones kind of film in the Tamil industry is relatively new and Gautham Karthik did a spectacular job in living up to the standards of this established franchise.    

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie relies on unnecessary animation for most of the scenes that could have been easily avoided, as it made the movie very artificial. If backed by a good story, Indrajith has the potential to become the biggest hit of Gautham Karthik’s career. But the supporting roles were played with a lack of enthusiasm as compared to the effort by the protagonist.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The film’s cinematography and screenplay will most certainly entertain the audience. With good special effects and animation, accompanied by the breathtaking outdoor landscape makes this movie a must-watch, especially for children. Indrajith is a complete package with a good amount of love, drama, and action.

– By Ajay Alford Daniel