Inji Iduppazhagi: FIlm Review – A Message South India Needs

Verdict: Some stories are better in plus size

Why wasn’t this movie made earlier? That’s the only question we really want to ask Prakash Kovelamudi. In an age that is run by immense pressure on the ‘accepted’ female body stereotypes — this movie finally comes clean: it’s all about accepting yourself.

Soundarya aka Sweety (Anushka Shetty) is a young full-spirited confident South Indian girl. She is talented, she has a heart of gold and she generally means well (that’s when she’s not being a realistic 27-year-old). The only problem is that she’s a tad bit overweight.

Now, traditional South Indian culture worshipped its curvaceous beauties but as time passed, certain ideals of beauty made their way into the lives of everyone including many young girls like Sweety. These were girls who were OK with their bodies, they celebrated their existence and lived life to the fullest. Sadly, society hardly ever left them alone and such was the tale of Sweety.

Repeated failed alliances increasingly frustrates Sweety’s mother (Urvashi) and out of desperation, she seeks help from a creepy but alluring Size Zero Satyanand (Prakash Raj). Sweety meanwhile has refused an alliance from Abhi (Arya), a do-gooder, documentary film maker who seems like Sweety’s perfect match.

The story revolves around how Sweety eventually falls in love with Abhi, manages to almost marry the wrong Prince Charming and successfully wins back Abhi’s heart from the drop-dead gorgeous Simran (Sonal Chauhan). Along the way expect one of the most entertaining films out of Kollywood and Tollywood this year, complete with an amazing comic parallel track courtesy the evergreen Urvashi and the now-grown-up child artiste Bharath.

Inji Iduppazhagi is for the family with a message that South India needs. The obsession about slimmer waists, six packs and size zero has led to a lot of unnecessary pressure on the present generation and this story finally leads the audiences in the right direction: learning to accept yourself.

The direction is impeccable and the acting relatively good. The music entertains during the movie, but is hardly the kind of music that would linger in your subconscious. What however does create some magic is the climax scene that you should not miss for anything in the world and the beautiful reimagined rendition of Inji Iduppazhagi in its original form (Thevar Magan – 1992).

Oh and yes, look out for some amazing cameos featuring several Tollywood and Kollywood stars including Nagarjuna, Jiiva, Rana Dagubatti, Hansika Motwani, Tamannaah, Revathy, Kajal Aggarwal and Lakshmi Manchu among many others.

And… and… and, for or the super gorgeous Anushka Shetty in amazing wedding finery!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Because every young girl/boy needs to know that they’re perfect as they are as long as they’re healthy. The obsession about size zero and six packs needs to go. Oh and yes, also because the film is friggin’ amazing!


– By L Romal M Singh