Innimey Ippadithaan – Santhanam Show all the way !

This is the third film from Santhanam as a hero-producer under the moniker of ‘Handmade films’, in the form of a Romantic comedy. The trailer of the movie indicated that it could be a " Kanna, RENDU laddu thinga aasaiya". The movie promises to be a lot more than the average Santhanam movie.

The movie also features Ashna Zaveri who played his love interest in Santhanam’s previous venture. The film also has Akhila Kishore, who gets a passable role in the movie, after her critically acclaimed performance in Kathai Thiraikathai.

The film starts on the conventional comical note, where the hero plays the quintessential couch potato, with his parents having the responsible tryst of getting him married within three months, as per the astrology whims of his mother.  VTV Ganesh and Thambi Ramaiah play the comical interludes in the movie, as Santhanam muses between a love marriage or a marriage arranged by his parents. The movie pans out to be a bit unexpected as Santhanam plays himself into a  comical quagmire, thanks to his own love interests getting a conflict of interest from the bride arranged by his parents.

Santhanam carries the movie admirably well, as he avoids the conventional forced dialogues and one liners for the sake of  solo screen presence. Ashna Zaveri plays her role better than she did in her previous movie with Santhanam. The director makes sure he gives the perfect family entertainer for the summer as Santhanam looks to avoid any humor that may appear risque or of the versions of double entendre. The musical numbers, which were received reasonably well, have some reasonable justice as most of the songs don’t look out of place.

Why you should watch the movie?
It’s certainly a commercial movie worth your time if you’re looking for a comical break. Santhanam takes his fanfare quite seriously and has given a better movie under his own banner. The script being a no-brainer, the team has made sure that they deliver a fresh movie worth your time !

By Prakash