Verdict: A punny yet serious, action-thriller movie with an engaging storyline.


It’s a story of two men who are wrongly arrested as being the henchmen for one of the most wanted Indian terrorist called Chotta (Daniel Balaji). The movie kicks off with a chase scene where Madhusudhanan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is trying to outrun his moneylenders as he tactfully uses his surroundings as an asset to escape. He is a smart man who happened to lose his job due to the recession and is in deep debt, which is where Bhargavi (Manjima Mohan) enters. They share a romantic connection and seek to get married but her brother (R.K Suresh) who is the Assistant Commissioner of Police, strongly objects. Later, Madhu and Daivakolundhu (Soori) get falsely arrested for being Chotta’s accomplice and eventually they escape from the police custody and meet Bhargavi. The trio now strategically plot a plan for getting out of this mess. 

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The chemistry between Udhayanidhi Stalin and Soori is spot on and the side roles which are played by some of the most acclaimed and vintage actors in the Tamil industry take the older audience a trip down the memory lane. The visual introduction and screenplay of the antagonist (Chotta) does justice to the sinister yet evil character played by him. The inclusion of smart yet discretely thrown puns and punchlines weaved together with the engaging storyline, keeps you chuckling in your seats and adds a ‘punny’ flavour to the overall action/thriller focused movie.


Gaurav’s writing is good but the execution lacks the force and impact. A storyline with more accuracy and suspense would have most certainly made this movie a must watch. Also, the overused gags made it a little predictable. 


If you are in the mood for a laugh and also want a suspense-filled story to go with it, Ippadai Vellum is the movie for you! The director and writer Gaurav Narayanan has done an outstanding job with the visuals and animation. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s charm accompanied with the beauty of Manjima Mohan and the hilarious Soori do justice to the neatly written storyline. Also, the persistent inclusion of whimsical puns makes this movie a must watch for you and your family this weekend. 

– By Ajay Alford Daniel

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