Atharvaa, Atharvaa and only Atharvaa is the thing you will rave about after you watch Irumbu Kuthirai.  A film that moves at blistering speed, without a gripping story. 

Remember the popular game, Road Rash? Where you don the role of a biker and race and chase to reach the finish line. Now how about we add a back story to a race? Stretch it into a 2-hour movie, and voila, you get the story of the film. It does sound brilliant for a film. Especially for the Tamil audience, who don’t get to see a plot like this in Kollywood. But the problem of the film is its half-baked screenplay.
As you’re half-way through watching the film, you realize that Michael is an aspiring student who is pursuing his CA and works part-time at a pizzeria. You also learn that he flaunts a six-pack and he rigorously follows a routine in order to stay fit, while also abiding by the laws and rules. This sounds like a well-sketched characterization of the hero. But Michael isn’t the ’nalla paiyan’ as his mother claims. He has a past, a dark-secret which is revealed in the second-half. The revelation of which is clichéd. 
It is no doubt that, director Yuvaraj Bose tries to deliver some good stunt sequences. But a movie like this deserves better execution, especially since you have a bunch of beastly bikes on board. Fast bikes and race sequences are ought to give you an adrenaline rush. Sadly, Irumbu Kuthirai falls short of doing the same. 
Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film for its action-packed climax, and if you want to take a sneak-peak into the world of bikes. But mostly importantly, watch it for Atharvaa’s earnest performance.

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