Verdict: Arjun Sarja steals the show with his eerie performance.

Writer and director P. S. Mithran has put together one of the most anticipated action-thrillers of the year, starring Vishal and Samantha Akkineni in the lead roles, accompanied by Arjun Sarja as the antagonist. With a cast of talented stars from the Tamil industry, Irumbuthirai is a must-watch.

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What’s Irumbuthirai About:

The plot revolves around Kathiravan (Vishal), an officer in the Indian Army with uncontrollable anger issues. When he is forced by his superiors to attend 30 anger management counseling sessions, he meets the counselor, Dr. Rathi Devi (Samantha Akkineni). The two connect on an emotional level and develop a mutual interest in each other. Meanwhile, Kathiravan is in need of money for his sister’s wedding. When the banks reject his loan application, he is compelled to submit fake documents with the help of an agent. His plan is succesful, but his joy is short-lived when the money is stolen by an organised cyber-crime group named ‘White Devil’. Kathiravan, with the aid of his fellow army men and Dr. Rathi, tries to track down these scam artists, leading them to the man behind it all – Sathyamoorthi (Arjun Sarja) – the leader of White Devil himself.

What Works:

Irumbuthirai is a complete plot-focused film, which keep your eyes glued on to the screen with thrilling fight scenes and a mind-bending storyline. The introduction of the antagonist played by Arjun Sarja is dark and gives rise to eerie feelings. His performance was, without a doubt, the best in this film. Vishal and Samantha also deliver well. The movie also deals with the fears and insecurities revolving around the Aadhaar Card and how it can be used as a weapon to steal personal information. The dialogues are well-written and portrayed on screen even better. 

What Could’ve Been Better:

Apart from the duration of the film and the lack of background surrounding Samantha’s character, this movie is made to perfection.

Why Should You Watch:

Irumbuthirai is a movie about cyber crime. It depicts the value of our personal information and how falling into the wrong hands can threaten our lives. With the recent controversial incidents involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytics, who are accused of stealing valuable data without the user’s consent and our very own issue of the Aadhar Card, this film opens our eyes to the world of internet and hackers. Don’t miss this in theatres near you!

-Written by Ajay Alford