Verdict: Jyothika and Revathy hit the jackpot with their performances.

Jackpot is envisioned by the talented director Kalyaan of Gulaebaghavali fame and produced by Suriya, the superstar of the Tamil industry. With some unforgetting cinematography by R.S Anandakumar, the movie flows with lots of vibrant scenes and action. Vishal Chandrashekhar’s groovy music elevates the movie to another level. After last month’s Raatchasi, Jyothika is back on screen with an undiminishing aura. And this time, joining her is the ever-so-graceful Revathy. The supporting cast includes Yogi Babu, Anandaraj and Rajendran.


Akshaya (Jyothika) and Masha (Revathy) are big-time cons who trick people and steal their possessions. On one of their jaunts, they learn about the existence of an inexhaustible vessel that is hidden somewhere in the village. Looking for it could be dangerous but the duo’s ambitious yearning turns them to face situations even if their lives are at stake. After a lot of planning and introspection, they come to realize that the magical vessel is hidden in a gangster’s house. Now they must have the vessel by hook or by crook but destiny has something entirely different waiting for them.


With a mass hero introduction and lots of action, Revathy and Jyothika set fire to the screen with their presence. The duet dance numbers, top-class stunts, colorful costumes, and accompanying music builds up the story while enhancing their characters. Director Kalyaan has been considerate and thoughtful enough to give value and screen presence to each character in the movie. Their stylish performances enhance the movie’s narrative while keeping the audience hooked. Anandaraj surpasses everyone with his evergreen acting in a double role both as a woman and a man. A comical element is introduced every now and then to eliminate monotony. The background music, which has been borrowed from many famous platforms, keeps the momentum steadily rising.


Despite all the comedy and action, the story falters in keeping the audience captivated throughout. The mocking dialogues also become repetitive towards the end.


Jackpot is a mass movie made for spectators who love films with a lot of comedy, action, music, dance and some masala. This is also a perfect mix for fans of Jyothika and Revathy, who have been waiting to watch the mass heroines on screen together.

-Anagha Nair