For those of you who were wondering what kind of story the title Jigarthanda bore, jigar means cold and thanda means war. The film, set in Madurai, is about a cold war between a high-profile gangster and an upcoming director.

The plot revolves around the problems faced by Karthick (Siddarth). The young director, who dreams of making a gangster movie, begins to seek inspiration from an actual gangster, Sethu (Simha). The problems he faces, his love and the mishaps in the process form Jigarthanda.

The story takes you into the lives of each character, which seemed to give more information than necessary. The screenplay refuses to hold the audience’s grip during the first half of the film. Everything else is perfect – The cast, the music and the cinematography, but the final product lacks something that leaves the audience emotionless. The crew should have concentrated more on dialogues. You keep waiting for something to happen for a long time, yet nothing does. The music, which seems to be inspired by Tarantino’s films, works well too.

A problem arises for the protagonist. How he deals the situation forms the latter half of Jigarthanda. The director should have maintained the same pace throughout the movie, which would have made it more interesting. The love between Karthick and Kayal (Laxmi Menon) is not very appealing either.

Simha, on the other hand, really stands out with his acting. There is a scene towards the end of the movie where Simha expresses his anger. One word: Brilliant.

Why should you watch this film?
The way the whole thing turns around in the climax is smart. You’ll really love the way the film ends. It is worth a watch. Simha should make hay, ’cause the sun is shining.

By Pradeep Antony

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