This has Mohanlal? Oh, Malayalam movie. No, wait this has Vijay, okay so Tamil movie. That means only for Vijay fans? These are the questions that you would ask yourself about this highly-anticipated movie. The movie strikes a cord with its well-crafted plot and unexpected twists.

The story starts off with Mohanlal, a powerful goon, (took me a lot of time to figure out if he was good goon or a bad one) chasing down his rival. He is then followed by a bunch of thugs who want to kill him and young Shakti saves his pregnant wife’s life (I couldn’t but notice the heavy lip gloss in an unexpected labour pain) but his father gets killed by a cop, he later begins to hate cops (over furious). Shakti is later brought up by Mohanlal as his own son. Everything goes well until Vijay himself is made a cop. This is not a typical hero against villain movie, rather the hero against his father’s anti-social behavior. The story just goes wrong when there is too much of a flashback, too much of melodrama and too many things we have already seen in the past.

Vijay is stylish, impeccable instunt sequence and delivers the right emotions although he loses out a bit on the comic timing, only because of the already over-used dialogues. He is also seen driving around with a Range Rover and BMW (A police driving a BMW around Madurai? Are you guys competing with the Dubai cops who drive a Lamborghini? I mean how?). Mohanlal is effortless, smokes a cigar and delivers brilliantly but with a heavy Malayalam accent in an otherwise Madurai jilla. It’s also charming to see his droopy cheeks covered in a beard. Kajal Agarwal is good. Soori adds comic relief to the film. Music by D. Imman is a let down, although the BGM is superb. A special mention to Ganesh Rajavelu, the cinematographer who gives us a visually-stunning elements and great in slow-motion shots.

Pongal release, Jilla has struck silver with its unexpected plot. But loses out on gold with the film’s 90’s style of story-telling and over-the-top drama and sentiment. The movie turns out to be visually-stunning with eye-capturing cinematography, but the editing  and CG is quite a let-down. It reminds you of an old video game.The music isn’t really hummable material. The movie’s a winner because of eminent screen presence and characterization of Mohanlal and an extremely flamboyant uber-suave Vijay. His acting is effortless with contempt in his eyes and lots of swagger.

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