The plot of Kaaviya Thalaivan revolves around the life of two theatre actors, Kalliappa Bhagavathar and Gomathi Nayagam Pillai. While the former explores innovative and liberal methods of acting, the latter stays conventional. The ideological clash between these two key characters combined with romance and the freedom struggle is what one can expect from Kaaviya Thalaivan.

While Siddharth and Prithviraj try sneak into your subconscious through their acting, Vedhicka effortlessly steals the show. Nassar’s acting is versatile. Ponvannan Thambi Ramaiah characterisation could have been better. It would have changed the impact of the film. Mansoor Ali Khan needs a mention for his role.
A. R. Rahman is one of the important pillars who carries the film and transports you to another world. He delivers the perfect dose of music to enthrall the audience.
Visually, they have showcased early 1900s with interesting sets and costumes. The research, make-up and art departments have done an admirable job.
In summary, Kaviaya Thalaivan is a perfect movie. The production value and the content make you forget the fact that it is not really entertaining. Vasanthabalan usually stays with you for sometime after you witness his work. It lingers in your mind. That is what is missing here. Since it is inspired by real life artists, it feels like a ficitional documentation of history.

Why should you watch this film?

It’s a musical journey with A. R. Rahman into the world of drama.

By Pradeep Antony

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