Verdict: Kaithi is a game-changer for Tamil cinema.

After making an impressive debut with Maanagaram, Lokesh Kanagaraj is now back with Kaithi, starring Karthi in the lead role. The lead actor is ably supported by Narain, George Maryan, Ramana, Dheena, Vatsan Chakravarthy, Yogi Babu, Mahanadi Shankar, Ponvannan, Thalaivasal Vijay, Krishnamoorthy and others. Without any songs, the team has set an expectation that they intend to tell a story in a realistic mode sans cinematic liberty.

What’s Kaithi About:

Bejoy (Narain) and his team seize a huge amount of cocaine hidden in a secret den under the Commissioner’s office. The drug mafia sedates every officer in duty at that place and injures Bejoy in the process. Bejoy has no option but to seek help from Dilli (Karthi), a prisoner who is recently released on parole to meet his daughter whom he has never seen. Whether Dilli saves the situation and manages to meet his daughter forms the crux of Kaithi.

What Works:

Kaithi is undoubtedly a gutsy pick for Karthi. He has only one costume throughout the film, giving him ample scope to exhibit subtle emotions. The beefed-up look makes him perform with ease in the action sequences. Actor Arjun Das is impressive in the antagonist role and his baritone voice pumps up fear. George Mariyan, Dheena, Vatsan, and Yogi Babu have performed their roles with aplomb.

In the technical department, Kaithi can be revered as a milestone movie in Tamil cinema. Director Lokesh Nagaraj possesses a serious talent of holding the audience’s attention right from the first frame with a tightly knit screenplay. Sam C.S’ music and background score elevate the movie to new levels. Sathyan Sooryan’s camera is a visual feast and so is Philomin Raj’s editing. Anbariv’s stunts need a special mention here. They are raw, realistic and rustic. With no songs in place, Dream Warrior Pictures and Vivekananda Films have ensured to give us an uncompromised product in terms of the budget and have spent lavishly on all the action episodes.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Given its genre, you may get a sense that the movie is lengthy as the story is based on a four-hour premise set during the night.

Why You Should Watch:

Kaithi has so many intense moments that deserve a big screen watch. It stays true to its genre from the start till the end. This movie is a perfect Diwali treat!