There is a bride. There is a groom. There are nervous parents. Some crazy friends and a whole bunch of noisy (also nosy) relatives. Yes, it is an Indian wedding! And we all know that when it comes to a wedding, things can go hilariously chaotic. R.S. Prasanna’s Kalyana Samayal Saadhan brilliantly captures every moment of it.

It is a story about Raghu (Prasanna) and Meera (Lekha Washington). Qualified software engineers from typical Brahmin families and perfectly eligible for marriage. Thus, the hunt begins by Meera’s parents for a perfect life partner through matrimonial websites. After a long process of selection and rejection, the parents zero in on Raghu – a decent, smart guy with a good job and an impressive annual salary.
However, underlying the whole big fat South Indian wedding is a topic more intense – stress-related erectile dysfunction. In the blissful eight months courtship period of Meera and Raghu came a glitch when Raghu faces performance pressure. What follows next is a string of chuckle-worthy events. From visiting astrologers to a not-so-qualified sex adviser, Raghu goes through a series of hilarious adventures to find a cure to his problem.
Does Raghu find a solution to his problem? What happens to the marriage and his relationship with Meera? Well, everything in the world has a solution and so does this.
The whole theme of the movie may sound funny, but it superbly presented a bold topic to the audience. Prasanna did a laudable role as Raghu. His acting had the perfect blend of deep anguish and humor, which is often difficult to maintain. Meera, played by Lekha Washington depicted a modern Indian bride – independent, opinionated and also sometimes emotional. Her screen presence throughout the movie was utterly graceful.
The music composed by debutant Arrora was fresh and fits in the mood of the film. The track Mella Sirithai which was launched in August 2013 went viral with its innovative video inspired from the social networking site, Facebook.

R.K. Prasanna in his debut film masterly took up a topic out of the bedroom and presented it on the big screen with a dash of humor. Besides bringing out an intimate topic, the movie also throws light on how superstition, astrology and blind beliefs still exist in the modern Indian society. But as the saying goes ‘All’s well that ends well’, the movie also had a happy ending and everyone positively enjoyed the Big Fat South Indian wedding.

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