Tamil cinema has given us several horror films in the past. We might assume that, horror films wouldn’t work among the ‘next gen’ audiences. Lawrence, basically a dance choreographer, revived the trend by giving us Muni, a horror-comedy, which was hugely welcomed by the audience. And now he gives us Kanchana (Muni 2), which was also superb! After two successive outings with his Muni franchise, Lawrence attempts a comeback with Kanchana 2. Does it live Upto the expectations and put the actor back on his pedestal? The answer is, yes!

We’ve witnessed many horror movies, where the ghost seeks revenge over an evil group. Kanchana 2 works with a same plot . Taapsee, a TV show director, has been assigned to shoot for a spooky ghost story. Eventually, she discovers a supernatural force during shoot, which irks the horror element. Though the movie has a predictable plot, it has been gently carried, making the audiences go ga-ga at places. It even contains very scary moments, with good twists this is a huge plus in the film.
A big thumbs up to the stars, who have consistently scored in their given space. Unlike many films where co-artists contribute amicably less, here they are profoundly good. Being a bilingual film, casting was very balanced, by keeping both the audiences in mind. The portrayal of characters, their roles were very subtle. Background music by Thaman was convincing. Screenplay should have been more solid, as it had many loopholes. Lawrence was captivating with his song choreography. Taapsee too did her part very well. The aesthetic production values, sound mixing is notable. Nithya Menen should be credited for her brave role of portraying a physically challenged girl. Lawrence too played his part well in the beginning, but scores a six on the end with his ‘mass’ gesture and presence. For an indigenous Tamil horror film, we cannot expect more technicalities such as VFX but here the graphic sequences were commendable.  Stunts are realistic, sticking to the traditional formula of the franchise. One liners by Kovai Sarala, Mayilsamy will crack you up. Her presence was the major backbone. Song placement was way much better, especially in later half.
With a fun filled first half, expectations were at its peak on the finale. On the contrary, the treatment went completely different, by changing the track to sentiment portions. With this, further disappointments were marked by flashbacks. A crispy second half could have saved big time. The antagonists were not so powerful, and their activities in this era, makes us to laugh at times. With this amount of a stellar star cast, it also leaves a confused thought on us and creates a complex feel. The lengthy run-time is a big negative for this film.
Why you should watch this film:
Overall Kanchana-2  is backed by some superb comic performances and a good story. If you are a hardcore ‘mass masala’ fan, you’ll certainly love this movie.
By Sriram