Kanchana 3: Film Review – A Decent Attempt at Horror-Comedy

Verdict: A tried-and-tested horror story blended with elements of comedy.

Raghavendra Lawrence‘s horror-comedy story after two successful Kanchana box office movies which had a lot of expectations from the viewers has hit the theatres. The audience has enjoyed the previous installments and now it is time to see whether Kanchana 3 appeases the fans.

What’s Kanchana 3 About:

The plot is in sync with the previous installments of Kanchana where the hero (Raghavendra Lawrence) is scared of ghosts and his family helps him during situations when he has to stay alone. They move to a bungalow which is haunted. The rest of Kanchana 3 is about the ghost’s backstory. The movie creates a storyline that makes you sympathize with the ghost. Kanchana 3 also stars Oviya, Vedhika, and Nikki Tamboli.

What Works:

The writer, director, and actor Lawrence has delivered a natural performance as usual. Kanchana 3 has enough scenes in the backstory that add emotional elements to the scenes which works quite well. The plot has weaved in storylines that speak of how strong a person’s will can be. These things work well and make the film a decent one-time watch.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The horror scenes felt a bit repetitive since these were already present in the other two parts. The film has a few obscene dialogues and scenes which may not be suitable for children. The placement of the songs seem a bit jarring and makes the film a bit lengthier.

Why You Should Watch:

You can enjoy the horror, comedy and the emotional scenes in Kanchana 3. Lawrence gives a good performance and overall makes it a good one-time watch.

– By Brijesh Dixit

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