Verdict: Investigative journalism brought to life.  

There are a lot of similarities between A. R. Murgadoss’ film Thuppakki and T.N. Santhosh’s  directorial debut Kanithan. After all, he sought inspiration from his mentor A. R. Murgadoss. And no one is complaining. Thuppakki was a slick action film, which featured Vijay in the lead and got positive reviews for its racy and fresh plot. Kanithan is quite similar. It’s slick, well-shot and has a fresh plot. The narrative, art direction and cinematography are what make Kanithan an interesting watch.
Kanithan throws light on the concept of counterfeit certification, through the story of a group of students, who are wrongly charged by the police for a crime they didn’t commit. As expected, the plot develops around a lead character who tries to crack the case. Gowtham (Atharvaa Murali) an aspiring journalist, is one of the people affected by this scam. He takes the situation in his hands and fights the crime.  
The director spends a generous amount of time building the love track between Gowtham and Anu (Catherine Tresa), in the first half. And these portions are silly yet amusing to watch. However, once the film’s core plot picks up pace, it manages to really capture your attention. The highlight of this film are the smartly choreographed action sequences. The scene in which Gowtham beats up a group of baddies in the climax, will have you at the edge of your seat.  
Despite a few logical loopholes and the film’s lengthy run time, Kanithan manages to impress you. Atharvaa is perfect as the solo action hero. He looks dashing, emotes well and dances very well. He is surely here to stay! K. Bhagyaraj and Karunakaran, who star in pivotal roles in the film, gave the other remarkable performances in this film. Although Tarun Arora’s portrayal of the antagonist isn’t tough enough, his performance is noteworthy.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Kanithan is a slick, action-packed film that is sure to thrill you.  Watch this film if you love crime-thrillers, and if you’re a fan of Atharvaa