Verdict: The new-age audience will find comfort in this conventional storyline.

When a movie releases during the time of festivity, the movie is bound to become a commercial hit just because of releasing the movie at the right time. Karuppan is one such movie that has hit that jackpot. The movie has Vijay Sethupathi, Tanya Ravichandar and Pasupathy in the lead roles. Performance by all the three actors alone is going to make this movie gain popularity and profits.

The storyline is a conventional one, set in and around Theni and Periyakullam. This village setting has managed to capture the essence of its people and their lifestyle. Vijay handles this character effortlessly, such effortless and natural acting is worthy of praise and glory. The outline or the plot of the movie is simple and predictable, although the first half of the movie seems a bit heavy and gives off a vibe of a serious movie. With a simple story structure the movie is taken neatly without much hassle.

Karuppan - BookMyShowThe movie has Vijay Sethupathi portraying the role of Karuppan, a young villager who tames bulls in Jallikattu and Tanya Ravichandar plays the role of Anbu, a bold, young lady who marries Karrupan. Pasupathy is Mayi, Anbu’s brother and a man who is given high regard and respect in his area. The antagonist of the movie is Kadhir (Bobby Simha), who stirs up a conflict in their family because of his obsession with Anbu.

The whole idea of this storyline is to show what obsession and lack of communication can do to a family or a society. Even though the movie as a whole is neatly done, a few scenes seemed redundant and it looks as if they are added just to increase the timeline of the movie. A shorter runtime and a crisper script would've done wonders. 

The director R. Paneerselvam has stepped out of his comfort zone and has directed a movie that will instantly connect with his audience.  The other aspects of this movie are all average. The cinematography could have been better.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Solely for the natural seeming performances of the actors. Do not miss out on the playful chemistry between Vijay Sethupathi and Tanya Ravichandar.

 – By Shwetha Srikanth