What should you expect when you walk into a theatre to watch, Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam? Definitely, not the story. So what is there in this film?  To begin with, it has a spectacular array of stars, dialogues which make you cheer so hard, you go to the pharmacy straight after you finish watching the movie, nostalgic cinematic references and apt music. What else do you need?
With nil expectations you just get ready to sit and watch the creative genius, Parthiban’s cinematic masterpiece. From the title of the film, till the end credits, Parthiban seems to amaze you with his witty dialogues and intricate screenplay.
If one had to narrate what the movie is about, it definitely isn’t a story of a budding director who with his crew tries to write a script. Neither is it a struggle between a guy’s passion for film and love. It’s much more than that. It is a full-fledged course in film making. You will fall in love with the director’s love for film and the observations he has made from his experiences in the industry. The stories narrated through simple dialogues and incidents, makes you get to know cinematic legends in Tamil industry, like you have been working with them all along. The movie would either make you fall in love with cinema, after which you would go to extreme limits to succeed in it, or will scare you away. Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam is not a movie. It is a Film workshop.
As for Performances, Santhosh and Akhila have done just to their roles. The scope for their characters being the leads is not so great, since the screenplay takes away all the credit. Thambi Ramaiah symbolizes a character which has seen different eras of cinema. He carries the film and tells you tales of Tamil cinema which make you ponder and laugh. His character, Seenu is surely to win him some awards in future. There are some notable other supporting characters; the crew of the director for instance, they help you move, with the film. 
All the stars who have shared their presence in this film, should be really given a big pat on their shoulders, for being so supportive in making a film about cinema on the whole. There is nothing one has to criticize about this film. It is a simple film, with a greater story buried, somewhere deep under the characters who have lived in it. 
Why should you watch the film?
Why shouldn’t you ? It has everything you need, drool over stars, applaud at dialogues, and nod your head to the music. It is a film about films, filmed in a way that you can’t refuse.

By Pradeep Antony

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