Fans of Vijay can definitely rejoice, as A.R.Murgadoss’s Kaththi has brought out the actor and hero quality from the film star. If their earlier film Thuppakki was a well-fleshed out thriller that spoke about the Indian Army, Kaththi is an action-drama that sends a hard-hitting social message.

Filmmaker A.R.Murgadoss has given us films that have provided an insight into certain socially relevant subjects. Here, he has dealt with the issue of farmer suicide, power hungry multinational companies and water scarcity. The film begins with an intriguing introduction for Vijay, where the actor is being chased by cops! After giving us such a fantastic start, the first-half of the film slowly fizzles out and gets a bit bland. But as the film progresses, it slowly picks up pace in the second-half and provides us with twists that keep us hooked. Murgadoss gives us some highly imaginative sequences, especially the scene where Kathiresan uses a bag of coins to tackle a group of fifty goons. A simple scene like this has been given an unbelievable twist, and that’s what’s nice about the film. The water pipe scene is another special mention.
Neil Nithin Mukesh’s role as the industrialist is portrayed in a rather humorous way. His antics doesn’t make you think that he is the villain, but it rather establishes him as a power hungry person who represents an MNC. Vijay’s performance is one of the major highlights of this film. The actor is charming and flamboyant as Kathiresan and gives a subtle performance as Jeevanantham. The audience will certainly whistle for his long monologue, where he explains the plight of the farmers. Technically the film has its strengths. Anirudh’s background score elevates the mood of the film. Cinematography by George C. Williams is another highlight.
Why you should watch the film:
Inspite of its lengthy run-time and some minor flaws, Kaththi will capture your attention. This may not create an impact like Thuppakki, but it will certainly win your heart. This is surely a Diwali treat for all Vijay fans.

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