Surender Reddy has done it again. Tollywood has managed to release another super-entertaining, yet absolutely ridiculous film! Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. That something as far removed from reality, as this film’s script, still manages to stir powerful emotions, is the magic that drives Indian commercial cinema. 
Kick 2 is a Telugu formula film and what a beautifully crafted formula this one is. It’s got everything you could possibly want (from a film like this): a self-obsessed-slightly-misogynistic hero; a smart-yet-objectifiable female lead, who has her own vendetta and surprisingly, a lot of screen space; a bunch of negative character-actors who scream a lot (for no understandable reason); some impossible-to-connect locations (like Vittala temple, that’s actually in Hampi, is shown to be in the middle of a desert-like area in Rajasthan, that’s surprisingly full of vehicles with Bihar registrations!); a north Indian, muscled bad guy (the gorgeous Kabir Duhan Singh, this time around), and an amazing parallel comedy track with the regulars from the industry. Hit, guaranteed!
The story follows the adventures of selfish-yet-adorable Robin à la Robin Hood (Ravi Teja) who comes to India from ‘foreign’ (here being Andhra Pradesh/Telengana’s foreign colony – USA) to sort out a land-grabbing issue (connecting it to the previous Kick instalment). While sorting out his business in true Ravi Teja style – read ‘beating up the baddies, flirting strangely with women, and belting out several ‘wonderfully’ crafted English dialogues’ – he attracts the attention of a Rajasthani/Bihari (we are still confused) village that needs someone like him to rid them of an evil thakur.
Watch the film to figure out the how, why and what – all we can assure you of is thorough and complete entertainment. The film is beautifully shot and the songs stay with you even after the screening. We’re humming a song as we write this review- they’re that catchy. S Thaman has outdone himself with the music and the songs from the film have been topping the charts for quite some time now. 
The film features a very interesting ensemble cast, with a lot of Bollywood imports. From Ravi Kishan and Rajpal Yadav in important roles to model-turned-actor Kabir Duhan Singh, the film has a lot to offer in terms of non-Tollywood talent. Kovai Sarala and Posani Krishna Murali have a slapstick cameo that will leave you in splits, while Moroccan bombshell, Nora Fatehi shakes some serious leg in Kukkuruku Kick, the item song that also features the female lead – surprise, surprise!
Watch this one with your gang of friends, and if you don’t mind surreal violence and a rehashed tale of zamindar versus villagers, watch it with your family, too. It’s no surprise that Tollywood doesn’t require superhero films; the hero in Tollywood masala films like Kick 2 would give any Hollywood superhero a run for his money. 
Why should you watch this film?
Kick 2 is a total time-pass, paisa-vasool film. This is the kind of film you watch to unwind and laugh uncontrollably. It moves you, refreshes you and allows you to leave your brains at home. I don’t know if we’d watch it more than once, but it sure is reassuring to know that there will be a Kick 3. We’re really looking forward to more Ravi Teja-style, utterly entertaining nonsense. 
By L Romal Singh