Verdict: M. Sasikumar brings all the action to the table.

Kodiveeran is an action, family drama film written and directed by M. Muthaiah and stars M. Sasikumar in the lead role, the second time for this duo after Kutti Puli. A pretty straightforward film, it shows the strong and unmatchable bond that a brother and sister share and overwhelms you with joy and love for your siblings!

What is Kodiveeran About:

The story follows Kodiveeran (M. Sasikumar) who lives with his sister Parvathi (Sanusha) after the death of their mother, forcing him to raise her all by himself. This builds a bond between the two, making them an unmatchable duo. They are righteous and helpful, always seeking to do the right thing for the people of their village. Later, a conflict arises when a fight takes place between them and the antagonist played by Pasupathy, who is also protecting his sister and respecting her wishes as Kodiveeran is.  Set in a small village, the film shows Kodiveeran as a glorified man who is always there for his people. He eventually meets Malar (Mahima Nambiar) and her brother played by Vidharth, who later gets married to Parvathi.

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What Works:

The extremely affectionate brothers fighting for their sisters plays a nice melody to your heart and makes this film a good watch. Additionally, it has a good background score adding to the effect of the action. The movie is a good balance of 60% family drama and 40% action. The production sets and locations were elaborate and showcased all village festivities in the most authentic way possible. Although the death of Kodiveeran’s mother was a brutal sight, it did set the tone for the bond between the siblings, justifying a few exaggerated scenes in the movie.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film’s runtime is 2h 35 mins, making it seem like a drag. The action sequences were mindless killing for the most part of the movie and the violence was a tad bit brutal, sometimes getting out of hand. In the very beginning, the death of Kodiveeran’s mother was extremely brutal and whoever has not seen the trailer may not be ready for the gruesomeness right at the start.

Why You Should Watch:

M. Sasikumar delivers a stellar performance and the romance between him and Mahima Nambiar is truly an 'aww'-worthy one. We suggest you take your sibling out this weekend and acknowledge that bond by watching this film.

– By Nikita Fernandes