Controversy fills the air in Tamil cinema, and this time around it’s for director M. Muthaiya’s Komban. We have good news and bad news. The good news is that, there is nothing controversial about Komban, nothing about its caste system. In fact, there is a humane effort not to do so. The only time the word is mentioned is when Rajkiran says ”A temple is a place for worship. Let’s go as humble worshippers there and not bring the caste into the picture”. So…what’s the bad news? Relying purely on stunts, action-sequence, and a sloppy writing, this movies turns out to be a disappointment. 

Right from the characterization to the detailed wedding sequences, Komban is interesting. The film explores relationships through the bitter-sweet dialogues and exchanges between Komban and his father-in-law. The problem in the film is when it starts becoming a little slow and repetitive. Karthi’s introduction scene featured a massive background score. He then relies on his masculinity and high-temper to kick men and they fly out of the door (the camera focuses on the pelvic region the most. *eye sore alert*) . He thrashes and bashes them. Now imagine these things being repeated several times throughout the movie, which will eventually give you a been-there-seen-that feel to it. The best part about the film was the racy 30-minutes, with all the surprise elements to it. My favorite was the one that proved the dishonesty of the cop.

Lakshmi Menon looks pretty disinterested in role. Probably because she was typecast as the ‘village’ girl again. The performances by Kovai Sarala, the rivals and Thambi Ramiah are very good. But it is Karthi and Rajkiran who give this movie some life. Karthi is fantastic as Komban. His arrogance, anger and the amount of respect he has for his father-in-law is prominent in his body language. Another good performer in this movie, is undoubtedly Rajkiran. Playing the role of a humble and helpless father, the actor’s role looks believable. The cinematography by Velraj is definitely one of the biggest highlights. Centered exclusively for the rural audience, it is rather delightful that there is no item song in this film.
Why you should watch the film:
Like the director’s previous film, Kutty Puli, this movie is sure to cater to the B and C centers. So if you’re a fan of rural movies and an ardent fan of movies with high dose of sentiment, this film is perfect for you.

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