Fans of the superstar are bound to be happy, as the Superstar’s film releases after a hiatus of 4 years. His ever-growing fan base is certainly going to be content for 2 reasons: The film releases on the occasion of the superstars’s birthday and it film celebrates their idol Rajinikanth. But does this film has something incredibly new to offer? Sadly the answer to that is a No. However, that shouldn’t be a problem for ardent fans, as the legend, Rajinikanth mesmerizes you with his on-screen presence.

Directed by K.S. Ravikumar, the film starts off with an intriguing murder-chase sequence and engages the audience in the beginning. The plot soon unwinds to focus on the hero, Rajinikanth, who is seen flaunting his signature dance moves in the scenic locations of Europe and Asia. Rajini’s films are almost incomplete without a SPB number and a massive introduction shot. As the film progress we learn that Rajini and his gang of friends are petty thieves who always end up in a prison for their crime. Look out for the hilarious combo of Rajini and Santhanam, the ‘Nanben da‘ , which is truly enjoyable. 
No doubt the film begins on a intriguing note, but it gradually loses its pace. The plot comes across as shallow and incompetent. Post interval, the film progresses into a gripping revenge drama, but is a tad-bit long. Overall, the film looks like a combination of Rajini’s previous ventures and might remind you of his films, Padayappa and Muthu. The climax is interesting and goes to a whole new level, when Rajinikanth decides to surpass the laws of physics and perform stunts in the hot air balloon. Moreover, the dialogues in the film take a dig at politics and philosophy and are sure to receive whistle galore.
Although A.R. Rahman‘s music isn’t entirely magical, the Indiaane Va is sure to give you goosebumps! The art has been dealt with much-detail, especially in the period-sequences. Rathnavelu’s cinematography adds to the tone of the film; a special mention to the amazing shots of the dam. The presence of leading ladies, Anushka and Sonakshi is merely ornamental. However, nobody is complaining as the Lingaa belongs solely to Rajini. The actor is stylish as ever and successfully breathes live into his character. His strong performance as the determined yet humble, Raja Lingeswar is flamboyant and charming. He certainly proves that age is just a number!
Why you should watch this film?
Linga is a treat for die hard Rajini fans. However, the film has a very predictable story and we suggest you keep your expectations low. Nevertheless for those who aren’t a fan of the superstar, you would certainly become one, after watching him sparkle in this film.
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