After donning the ‘mass’ hero avatar in last year’s hit film VIP, Dhanush has once again decided to treat the audience with a similar role in director Balaji Mohan’s Maari. VIP revealed the star power and acting prowess of Dhanush, which helped the audience develop a connection with him. But unlike VIP, Maari shows the actor in a role filled with heroism that undoubtedly satiates his fan base, but it doesn’t offer anything more. 

One of the highlights of Maari is the curiosity the story initially creates. Is Maari really a murderer? Why does the inspector avenge Maari? The mystery grips us and keeps us engaged. The pigeon fights are a definite plus. There are lots of gags in the film as well. Credit goes to Robo Shankar for his comic timing. 
Maari is a film tailor-made for Dhanush. His antics, his swag and his Robin-Hood-like behaviour are established in the first-half. He is also seen mouthing several sexist lines. Most popular ones start with "Indha ponungale ipadidhan" (These girls are like that) which won a lot of applause in the theatre from the misogynist audience.  Why would a young filmmaker like Balaji resort to using such lines in his film? 
As the film progresses, you realise that the mystery holds you for a very limited time. There is no vital conflict in the tale that pushes the story forward. You expect something engaging to happen in the next scene, but there’s nothing to this story except a few twists.
The plot of director Balaji Mohan’s Maari is different but doesn’t excite us. You wish the plot was tense. If there is one award this film should get, it is the award for the most slow-motion shots used for a hero. Every frame and scene the veshti-clad, cigarette-smoking Dhanush appears in is slow-mo! 
The background score of this film is good but the songs don’t leave an impression. Vijay Yesudas‘ presence is refreshing but his calm dialogue delivery doesn’t make him seem like an antagonist. Director Balaji Mohan tries hard to make his presence felt in commercial cinema but you wish that he had delivered a film along the lines of Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi instead.  
Why you should watch this film:
If you’re an ardent fan of Dhanush, then this movie is for you. The music and punchlines will make you love this commercial entertainer. But only if you love everything Dhanush does.