Madras, the name of a city which spells many emotions and provides a sense of nostalgia among several people. It also gives the term Madras ‘baashai’, which loosely translates to the colloquial Madras slang. And the film justifies this with much local baashai to it. And what a film this is! It gives us a slice of North Madras in the form of a jaw-dropping, heart-racing and nail-biting hardcore action-drama that’ll have you applauding with whistles galore! And this is from director Pa. Ranjith who confidently delivers this wonderful film.

If there is a new kid on the block that deserves your attention, then it’s Pa. Ranjith, He knows what he’s dealing with. With competence, he gives us his second-directorial venture, Madras. Rooting on the elements of politics and friendship and set in the slums of North Madras, the film delivers an action-drama with the element of realistic humor as well. The scenes that establish the bond between two friends, Karthi and Kalaiarasan, make them instantly likeable. The filmmaker gives us hints that this isn’t going to be just another film on friendship and vengeance. Instead, he takes us through the hurdles they face and finally gives us an edge-of the-seat interval block. In fact, it is probably one of the best films that you have seen this year. You slowly realize how predictable the scene gets, but that doesn’t stop you from taking your eyes off the screen.

The musical score by Santosh Narayan is remarkable, and helps lift the mood of the film. The haunting background score that rings in when the camera slowly pans across the area and slowly focuses on the huge wall art that carries the picture of a the ex-politician is especially notable. The film captures the local milieu of the north Madras area and the impact is menacing. So much so, that you are drawn into it. If there is a weak link in the film, it is the length and a long track between Kaali and his girlfriend. But no one is really complaining.

Kaali (Karthi) loves the place he resides in, but he isn’t the typical guy you find in a slum. He is educated, wears Proline sweatshirts and takes his girlfriend to a popular restaurant. This shows that the characters aren’t stereotypical. The performance by Karthi is convincing and he pulls you into his character Kaali with his desirable screen presence. And it is safe to say that he is back! The performance by Kaalai’s mother, father and the loving grandmother will make you smile. Another remarkable performance in this film is by the homeless man, Johnny. He speak English, providing a few gags. Kalaiarasan also gives a noteworthy performance. And is a talent to look out for.

Why should you watch this film?
Watch it for Karthi’s comeback performance that’ll surely have you cheering for him. Also, do watch it for exceptional performances and good music all packed in Pa. Ranjith’s terrific film. This is one of the best films of this year!

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