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Magalir Mattum: Film Review -The Most Anticipated Tamil Film This Week

Verdict: The movie takes its audience on an emotional ride.

After 36 Vayadhinile, the bubbly Jyothika is back on screen again, this time bolder, bubblier and intrepid. Magalir Mattum is one of the most anticipitated releases of this week and will certainly have an impact on every individual who watches the movie. Do not mistake this for a remake of the older version, which was directed by Singeetham. The new Magalir Mattum directed by Bramma G, focuses on three women’s lives and the friendship shared by them. While watching this movie, every woman can relate to what is shown irrespective of their age. In Indian film industry, it is quite pleasing to see more movies that have women protagonists. After a few bold movies, like Pink, Lipstick Under My Burkha among others, we have Magalir Mattum. Although they are not of the same genre, this is something more relatable, light and mellow.

Magalir Mattum - BookMyShow

The movie has Jyothika, Urvashi, Saranya and Bhanupriya as its leads. Jyothika enacts the role of a documentary filmmaker, Prabha, who is free-spirited, broadminded, and dauntless. Urvashi portrays the role of a tuition teacher, Komatha who is childlike, and not to forget Prabha’s would-be mother-in-law. The movie revolves around the friendship shared between Komatha, Subbulakshmi (Saranya) and Rani (Bhanupriya) and the mischievous doings of their college/hostel days. After decades of not being in contact with each other and not knowing about each others' whereabouts, with the help of internet’s sorcery, they get in touch with each other and reminisce. The three of them embark on a beautiful journey to Chhattisgarh with Prabha's help and have a gala time on their journey.

It is saddening to see that even in this fast paced and growing world, women from the rural areas are not given respect at all. There is all the awareness in the form of movies and books and advertisements, yet women are not accessible to any of this. Even in the workspace, women are generally looked down on and stereotyped. While most films show women as a one dimensional character, there are movies like Magalir Mattum that are all about giving respect to the women somewhat restores one's faith in the way this world is heading.

It is pleasing to catch Jyothika on the big screen again, and she has executed this role with all her dedication and effort. The other important cast of this movie includes Madhavan, Nassar and Livingston. The soundtrack has been scored by Ghibran. It is upbeat and blends extremely well with the theme of the movie. Not to forget the picturesque scenes captured by the cinematographer S. Manikandan, especially the sunset scene in the movie is simply ethereal.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
Catching Jyothika on the big screen is one of the reasons why one should go to watch this movie. But on a serious note, there are not a lot of movies that show female companionship, as good and real as this movie. There are not a lot of movies that add dimensions to their female lead. It is a feel-good movie that can be watched along with your family. You are about to embark on a joyous ride with Magalir Mattum.

By Shwetha Srikanth

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