Verdict: An interesting satire on the Indian Judiciary system.

Have you ever watched an interesting courtroom drama that leaves you thinking about our society? If you like riveting courtroom dramas, you must watch Manithan. It's not often that you come across Tamil films based on the crime and law. Even if there are, then those films are heavy on action and gore. However, Manithan stands out. It is a sincere attempt at showcasing this genre. And it is a compelling watch.

Directed by I. Ahmed, the film sheds light on India’s judiciary system, and takes a dig at it too. The official remake of the Hindi film, Jolly LLB, Manithan is an exciting watch, even for those who have seen the original.

The film’s first few portions take generous time in making fun of its lead, a struggling lawyer Shakti (Udhayanidhi). His silly antics, his dimwit personality and his efforts at appearing for a case – everything is ridiculed and the audience laugh at him. The film's story takes its course and presents moments that are humorous as well. The story then builds on the underdog, Shakti, and his determination to succeed at winning an important case. The second half of the film portrays how the Indian judiciary is easily controlled by the rich. The one-on-one face off between Shakti and Adisheshan (Prakash Raj) will leave you asking for more. But what is more delightful is watching the judge (Radha Ravi) and Adisheshan get into a heated discussion. When the judge says -'' The case is interesting only now'', you immediately agree with him. Because that's how engaging the court room scenes become. The romantic track between Hansika and Udhayanidhi is in sync with the film, and nicely done. However, the frequent songs seem to break the intensity of the film.

The film's strongest highlights are the film's neat writing, good dialogues, and engaging performances. Udhayanidhi is sincere as the struggling lawyer, and his character is devoid of any heroism. Prakash Raj gives a powerful performance as the money-minded, shrewd, successful lawyer. Radha Ravi is effortless as the judge. He is funny and witty. Technically, the music by Santosh Narayanan is another plus.The cinematography by Madhi is stunning.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Manithan is an interesting courtroom drama that boasts of some solid writing and good performances. This is definitely worth your time. Go for it!